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Care Anywhere. Unlock 24/7 access to doctors, right in your pocket!
Save time and money with 24/7 access to board-certified physicians from your smartphone, tablet, or computer!
Unlimited connection to virtual healthcare services. Visit the doctor, negotiate medical bills, navigate a full healthcare marketplace, and more with our mobile app!

Telemedicine - Medical

Unlimited access to a national network of licensed credentialed doctors, with a $0 Copay, via phone or video chat who can help to diagnose and even prescribe in real-time directly from your mobile device.


Access to licensed credentialed Behavioral Health physicians. Three $0 Consults per family per year. Additional Behavioral Health visits are available with a copay.


Access to licensed credentialed Dermatologists. $0 copay, unlimited.


Personal advocate to help navigate the health system, identify centers of excellence, solve insurance claims issues, and coordinate care among physicians and medical providers.

Physician Locator

Search for in-network physicians, hospitals, dentists and other healthcare providers.

Medical Bill Saver

Specialized team to reduce medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses.

2nd Opinion

Our service connects you with specialists who make sure you have the best information for your healthcare decisions.

Chronic Care

FDA approved coaching application to help manage chronic conditions. Integrates with most activity trackers and testing devices.


The Digital Health Benefit for Pet Parents. This Tech-enabled 24/7 expert veterinary team provides on-demand support via phone, live chat, messaging, or email.


Unlimited access to mental health counselors, on demand. Nationwide network with 3 free Face-to-face sessions. Includes financial and legal resources.


Manage upper and lower back pain. On-demand access to specially-trained coaches through video and chat interactions.

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