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Additional Products brought to you by National Alliance of Benefits

  • Dental Insurance and Lifestyle Savings

    Welcome to the Benecare Dental Solution:

    As a netowrk of over 4,600 private practice dental locations in NJ, Benecare Dental Plans are easy to understand and even easier to use.

    NO...specialist referrals needed

    NO...waiting periods for any services

    NO...restrictions about changing dentists

    NO...forms to fill out when visiting a participating dentist

    Benefits include: $1500 maximum per individual, discount vision savings plan, discount lifestyle benefits on things like movie tickets, restaurants, pet medical, coupons, and more !

    Available in NJ ONLY

  • Discount Health Savings Program

    BenefitAid SELECT is a discounted health savings program that saves members and their family's money in more than eighteen areas, including dental, vision, prescriptions, telehealth (with a $0 consult fee), pet care, labs, and long-term elder care. Savings can range from 10-50%, on average. Click Learn More to find out how BenefitAid can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

  • Life Insurance Quotes

    Whether you are looking for level term insurance, guaranteed universal life insurance or life insurance with no medical exams, find out how our top rated carriers can help protect you and your family.

  • Travel Medical and Trip Protection

    Travel Protection Made Easy!

    Our Travel Medical Insurance Plans and Trip Protection Plans help people traveling outside the United States as well as those coming to the United States regardless of whether the travel is for business or pleasure. Our plans also include trip cancellation policies

    Don't Leave Home Without Us - Get affordable coverage when you travel! 

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